• •Gearboxes / Reducers
    Techprov (Deutschland) is importing and distributing the products from one of the worldwide biggest manufacturers of gear-reducers. Their product range, covers standard and special reducer-types for various application purposes and sizes.
    We also care about the delivery of spare-parts and all after-sale and warranty issues, by means of our business-partners.
  • •Machined Spare Parts
    Through its contacts to manufacturing resources, Techprov (Deutschland) is able to find manufacturers and initiate the production for a wide range of machined, caste, or otherwise mechanically processed spare-parts for a huge variety of equipment. We are pointing out here especially spare-parts for obsolete equipment that is no more supported by it's original manufacturer. Some examples of recently requested spare parts:
    • twist lock devices for any type of spreaders,
    • track roller for crawler-mounted lifting equipment
    The manufacturing can be based on the original drawings (if available) or on a model. All manufacturers are carefully selected.
  • •Cast Iron Products
    High-quality products of different materials and sizes or according to demand of the customers. Here some examples of such products:
    • Manhole Covers (bearing 50-400 kN)
    • Gully Gratings (bearing 150-900 kN)
    • Cast iron draining pipes and fittings (including elbows, flanges, etc.) up to a diameter of 1500 mm.
  • •Moulds for Forgery, Pressing, Injection and Extrusion
    Moulds for Forgery o. pressing of small and middle sized metallic (steel) parts.
    Moulds for injection o. extrusion of plastic materials.