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Our Profile:

  • •TECHPROV(Deutschland) is a technically oriented trade and service company located in Germany
  • •We are specialized in the directly-import and distribution of technical articles from China and in services for German as well as European companies in China.
  • •We are European distributor of the South-Korean producer
  • •Locations in Germany: Regensburg Würzburg and Zarrentin.
  • •Partener-offices in China: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
  • •Our customers are world-wide.

Our History :

We are addressing to:

all cost-conscious enterprises which would like to benefit from China's price advantage with simultaneous guarantee of the European reliability and quality. Those are:

  • •Companies which want to acquire from China products, components or materials and are searching for suppliers.
  • •European manufacturers that intend to manufacture in China or to transfer their production lines there, and are searching local partners.
  • •Companies, which are already active in China, and needing for a limited period of time supplemental commercial or technical support.
  • •European manufacturers which are selling their products to China, but don't have (yet) an own representative office there.

We offer:

Products to fair prices from selected Chinese Manufacturers for these branches:

  • •Alternative Energy/Solar technology
  • •Electrics / Electronics
  • •Steeel Construction and Machinery
  • •Metalic Furniture - Hardware

Services for European enterprises:

  • •Searches after Chinese suppliers for technical articles of your choice.
  • •Searches after Chinese manufacturers able to advantageously manufacture your products.
  • •Search after Chinese customers for your products or technologies.
  • •Manufacturing supervision, quality control, final inspections, including packing and delivery.
  • •Erection and commissioning of equipment supplied from Europe: complete independent project management or just support and supply of manpower.