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A small company doing big things


TECHPROV (Deutschland) supplies products and provides services to customers from Europe.


Our main focus is the directly-import of technical articles from China and other Asian countries for industrial customers.


Complementary, we provide, in China, a package of services for enterprises that are already active there as well those, that intend, to become active in future.


Our main seat is in Zarrentin am Schaalsee, and we have offices in Würzburg and Regensburg. We are existing since May 2005.


We are working together with our strategical Chinese partner-company Techprov Corporation Limited with seat in Hong Kong and offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. In this way, we are building a bridge between our European customers at one end, and the Chinese ressources at other end.


This organisation, allows us to control in a reliale way both ends of the supply-chain: the affordable Asian ressources as well as our customers from Europe.


We are small but flexible. Our personnel has long-time experience in Asia or are Chinese natives. Our team, exclusively consists of highly qualified personnel, and we already know each other since decades from former commercial relationships.