The current trend to globalization exposes increasingly European businesses to the pressure of the international low-cost competition.


A possibility to remain competitive in this situation, is to reduce the own costs, through access to less-expensive products, materials and resources.


But, these resources are located however usually in geographical distant regions, there are linguistic and cultural differences, and it is not a trivial task to access them.






Qualified services in one hand.




  • • Linguistic, cultural, legislative and other differences are no topic for you - you always have a contact - partner in Europe, because we are at home in Europe as well as in Far East Asia.
  • •We minimize your risks in the contact with foreign suppliers - we know the countries and the people from long-time experience and can separate the chaff of the wheat in advance.
  • • You will always get the most optimal solution for your needs - because we are manufacturer independent - you will have the option between couple of alternatives, mostly outside the zones that are accessible to foreigners.
  • • We take over for you, inexpensive, the supervision and control - because we have reliable, high-qualified local own-personnel.
  • • When we supply manpower, we take on the contact and sellection of subcontractors guaranteeing a minimum level of qualification of the personnel.
  • • Flexibility - we can adapt us your wishes.