Industrial - Electronics


  • • Small Drives - frequency converters
    The frequency converters distributed by Techprov are suitable for general purposes as well as special purposes for example: plastic injection machines or endless conveyor belt used for medical-recovery or training purposes.
    Within five design-series, they cover the power-range from 0.4 to 250 kW at voltage of 230/400 V single- or three-phase.
    Their main characteristics are: excellent regulation-properties, small sizes, easy controls and good interface - communication.
  • •Polyimide-Films for flexible PCB's, adhesive tapes, insulations

    The Polyimide-Film is an electrical insulation material with outstanding thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties suitable for a huge variety of applications for electronics, electrotechnics, telecommunication, etc. It can be used for insulation as well as manufacturing of insulation-parts, adhesive tapes, preforms.
    We cover the thickness-range 13-175µm and widths from 6 to 1040 mm. Other thickness or widths are possible on demand. Samples can be delivered on demand.

    These products are all UL-certified.